Beautifully ripped

Seams frayed

Threads open

And on display

This thousand count sheet

Pulled end to end

Bleeding warmth

(Breathing away?)

Covering from end to end

Protecting from the cold

Keeping warmth and darkness

In between

Millions on millions of threads

Threads strong against the wind

Threads strong against the cold

Threads strong within walls

Threads strong within Nature

Threads strong against fire

Threads strong versus heat

Versus water

Versus smoke

Versus nature

Breaking with love

There lies a question

I know not how to answer

A question that I myself ask myself

People make assumptions

Neither good or bad

But assumptions lead to actions

Which can hurt sometimes

I struggle with this question

Out of pure pride


Nativity is a town upstate


Nativity is a pueblo down south

For a while

I was from Mexico, in a foreign land

Stories and songs, novelas y rancheras

Imagination filling in the blanks

After a while

I was from America, in the only home I’d known

Stories and songs, Disney and pop

Exposure creating new blanks

In one place, I was Mexican

In another, I was American

A Mexican with better English than most Americans

An American with better Spanish than many Mexicans

A Mexican who ate pizza for dinner

An American who ate tacos for lunch

A Mexican who listened to country music in Spanish

An American who listened to regueton in English

A Mexican with American citizenship

An American with Mexican loyalty

Royalty in one

Minority in the other

Where am I from

Culturally  from Mexico

Physically  from America

Wholeheartedly from Puebla York

Blazing Tears

Tears well inside

One’s eyes like

The emotions trapped

Sometimes they overflow

And drop onto

The nearest surface

They color everything

Surrounding them the

Same as Light

They bathe you in warmth

They bathe you in cold

They bathe you in Colors

That always make you feel

These colors help you see

Sometimes they help you breathe

These colors glow

Sometimes they pale

Tears can light a fire