Day 7- 100 Day of Gratitude

TUESDAY, June 12, 2018

  • I am grateful to be near water. For some reason, water makes me happy. Watching the tide come and go and the currents has a calming effect on me.
  • At times, I am outgoing and fearless, I am grateful for these moments because they let me know that I can be and give me confidence that I can put myself out there, even if at times the thought shakes me.
  • Lastly, I am grateful for the goodness of people and the perspective they give. Other people’s stories allow to locate my own position. It sounds silly at times, that I base myself off of others, but It’s more of a reference point for me, and I am grateful that others are willing to give me their perspective so freely.


My brain is poisoned

My brain is poisoned

Saturated with toxicity

It seeps through my ears and eyes

Pervades my vicinity

Transforms my skin

Metallic to matte

Bright to dull

It all connects

Or so I am told

What is wrong is right is wrong

I am told

What is right is wrong

So i write

To clean up the fog

and extract the pollution

with my purifier

It flows through my system

from my brain to my hands


Almost, as if knowing

There is no more ozone


There are many things

running through my mind.

So many,

Sometimes I feel paralyzed.

These things, they take me places.

Places I’ve been, and places I haven’t.

Where I want to go and where I don’t.

Existing and not.

Material and emotional.

Mental and spiritual.

And yet

I remain paralyzed.