A word with certain

Possibilities that go

Past infinity

I Don’t Decorate

Pretty lights and matching curtains

Soft rugs and tapestries

Posters and pictures

Do not hang on my walls

Or lie on my floor

I may lack individuality

But I also may lack the urge

to mark a place

as my own

I may lack creativity

But I may also lack the desire

To actively

Draw boundaries

Rather than with pretty things

And sparkly objects

I choose to litter my space

With feelings

My space lacks pictures and lights

Tapestries and posters

Rugs and matching curtains

Is it really mine then?

How will they know it’s mine?

My space overflows with life

Emotions galore

There is a spirit to the space that is mine

A space is mine

When the second you step in

You are both welcomed and rejected

Welcomed by the warmth that is the spirit of life

Residing in the space

Rejected by the chill that you are trespassing into a space

You don’t reside

A space is mine

When I like to live there

And when others cannot stand the life that I have lived there.

Just be

There’s a darkness swelling inside me

It burns me up

It sets me free

Our reality is not what it seems

The lies they fabricated

Are breaking finally

Do you feel it too?

The sudden wonder

If everything is true

I know I’m not alone in my sentiment

Know you’re not alone in your sentiment

So why don’t we break down the walls

Break down the barriers containing it all

Containing the truth that we seek

That which is hidden from us

I do not speak blasphemy

For This is not religious

This is the end of social casualties

Let your passion consume you

Let the critics slide by

Worry not about money

Worry not for your self

Just give in to your passion

Allow your heart to guide

Guide you through the jungle

Away from the snakes

Think with your heart

Feel with your mind

There isn’t a thing

Or one

You’re supposed to be

Choose your destiny

Pave your path

Be who you want to be

Don’t look back

What’s Important

I remember long ago

Someone that

I used to know

But now it seems

We’ve traveled far

Far, far away from the start

The route we’ve taken

And paths we chose

Brought us to different

Finish lines

How could we know the

End goal

When it’s impossible to see past

The horizon

The shining light guiding us

Prohibiting our view of

What’s ahead

And the glowing light showing us

Only that which is most important