On Conflict

Our brains require stimulation. In one way or another, we always look for it. Some of us look for stimulation of our physical senses. Others search for other external stimuli such as conversation or discussion. Still fewer of us seek inner stimulation.

Few of us seek to use the same content, to remix and create with what we already have. The same can never stimulate like the different. The same produces a resistance, familiarity, expectations, comfort. That is why our entertainment centers around conflict whether it be sports, dramas, novels, debate, politics, or even business.

We say we want peace. Yet, the truth is, few actually do. If we had peace, many would be forced to confront our internal conflict. Most of us fear dealing with this because like every story arch, the end follows a resolution. Many of us fear, not the end of our story, but the end result. We fear becoming the final version, for it may not be what we want. We forget, that we may, yet, win.


If there is no mess

There is no trace

There was no one

If there is no picture

There is no proof

There was anyone

If there is no improvement

There is no contribution

There was nothing

If there was no one

If there wasn’t anyone

If there was nothing

Was there an existence?

IS there a story to tell

If there was no one

If there wasn’t anyone

If there was nothing

If I clean up my messes

If I don’t take pictures

If I don’t contribute

Can I erase the traces

Will I have never existed

Will I be nothing

If there was no mess

I wasn’t there

If there are no pictures

I wasn’t there

If I didn’t contribute

I wasn’t there

Someone else can make a mess

Someone else can take a picture

Someone else can contribute

Someone else was there


In chaos, there is beauty

In chaos, there is grace

In chaos, I find serenity

In chaos, I find peace

In chaos, there is no chaos within

In chaos, there is no chaos about

In chaos, there is no struggle, no doubt

In chaos, I thrive

In chaos, I win

In chaos, my instincts are driving

In chaos, my mind takes a backseat

In chaos, my reflex is sharper

In chaos, my moves suit

In chaos, I thrive

In chaos, I win

Chaos, my serenity