There lies a question

I know not how to answer

A question that I myself ask myself

People make assumptions

Neither good or bad

But assumptions lead to actions

Which can hurt sometimes

I struggle with this question

Out of pure pride


Nativity is a town upstate


Nativity is a pueblo down south

For a while

I was from Mexico, in a foreign land

Stories and songs, novelas y rancheras

Imagination filling in the blanks

After a while

I was from America, in the only home I’d known

Stories and songs, Disney and pop

Exposure creating new blanks

In one place, I was Mexican

In another, I was American

A Mexican with better English than most Americans

An American with better Spanish than many Mexicans

A Mexican who ate pizza for dinner

An American who ate tacos for lunch

A Mexican who listened to country music in Spanish

An American who listened to regueton in English

A Mexican with American citizenship

An American with Mexican loyalty

Royalty in one

Minority in the other

Where am I from

Culturally  from Mexico

Physically  from America

Wholeheartedly from Puebla York

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